SHARP Performance at Ideal Jacobs, Corp.

Andrew JacobsAndrew Jacobs, third generation president of Ideal Jacobs, Corp. set out to prove, to his employees and government that in the highly hazardous printing industry, the Ideal Jacobs system for safety and health is indeed exceptional. For Jacobs, achieving SHARP status was a way of quantifying their efforts and showing that OSHA and small business can successfully partner.

Using employee incentives tied to raises, bonus, and other personnel systems, the Ideal Jacobs safety culture is well-rooted, well communicated, and strongly supported throughout the company â- staring with Mr. Jacobs himself. One safety innovation involves the presentation of $50 Good Idea awards for any accepted idea concerning safety, health or environmental benefits to the company. “As president, I am committed to all aspects of our system and we will continue to promote better and tighter controls companywide” says Andrew Jacobs.

Jacobs experienced its first Consultation visit in May 2002 â- he has since become a true ambassador for the program. After 83 years in business, the company is still driven by its systems which have been created, modified, implemented, redefined and re-implemented throughout its history and through SHARP will continue to stand among the industry”s most Ideal companies.