Information for Service Providers

The Hawaii Office of Community Services (OCS) was established by Hawaii law to be the agency coordinating and overseeing services to low-income, immigrant, and other disadvantaged client communities in the State.  OCS provides these services by contracting with agencies for direct services to the target populations.

This page is intended to provide a one-stop source of information on our current and prospective service providers, including applicable laws and regulations.

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OCS is launching a series of proposed new and modified programs pursuant to its New Day Plan for Improving Lives and Strengthening Communities.  The client communities to be served by these programs are new immigrants, including COFA migrants, Native Hawaiians, ex-offenders, and other low-income persons.

OCS expects to create an integrated series of resources and services for the client communities through cooperation, coordination, and collaboration by our providers.

The RFPs listed below were issued in November 2012, and OCS expects to make awards and commence services on July 1, 2013.  (See the Procurement Timetable below.)  These contracts are subject to funding by the Legislature in the 2013 Session.

RFP No.                       Service Activity

LBR 903-01                  Community Resource Centers and Acculturation

LBR 903-02                  Employment Core Services for Low-Income Persons

LBR 903-03                  Employment Core Services for Immigrants

LBR 903-04                  Employment Core Services for Refugees

LBR 903-05                  Employment Core and Recidivism Prevention for Reintegrating Individuals

LBR 903-06                  Financial Literacy, Asset Poverty Reduction, and Savings Incentives for                     Low-Income Persons

LBR 903-07                  Tax Preparation, Volunteer Coordination, and Service Coordination for Low-Income Persons

LBR 903-08                  Legal Advocacy, Outreach, and Referral Services to Protect the Rights of Children and Their Families

LBR 903-10                  Legal Services for Immigrants


The timetable for procurement for these programs has been and will be as follows:



Scheduled Date

Proposal evaluation period January-Early May 2013
Provider selection Late April-Early May, 2013
Notice of statement of findings and decision May 1-15, 2013
Contract start date July 1, 2013


Other Information Resources

•   Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 103F  – Purchases for Health and Human Services.

•   Hawaii Administrative Rules for Purchases of Health and Human Services – HAR §§3-140 et seq.

•  Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 103D – Hawaii Public Procurement Code

•  Hawaii Administrative Rules for Public Procurement – HAR §§3-120 et seq.

•  Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 371K – establishing the Office of Community Services

•  Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 414D – Hawaii Non-Profit Corporations Act

•  Hawaii Revised Statutes – link to all codified Hawaii Statutes

•  Hawaii State Procurement Office website


OCS Fiscal Forms:       •  300 – cash receipt request

•  310 – expenditure report

•  MAF – Milestone Achievement Form


Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circulars

•  A-87     Cost Principles for Government Agencies

•  A-110   Uniform Administrative Requirements for Non-Profits

•  A-122   Cost Principles for Non-Profits

•  A-133   Audits of Non-Profits and Government Agencies

•   Internal Revenue Service Form 990 – Federal Income Tax Return and activity disclosure     form for non-profit