The Office of Language Access (OLA) provides centralized oversight, coordination, and technical assistance to State agencies (the executive, legislative and judicial branches of Hawai‘i’s state government) and organizations that receive state funding, regarding the implementation requirements of Hawai‘i’s Language Access Law.

The goal of the OLA is to ensure that no person is denied access to State or State-funded services due to their limited ability to speak, read, write or understand the English language.


  • Governor’s Message No. 1320 – Relating to Language Access ACT 217 (13)  Establishes and provides appropriations for a Statewide Language Access Resource Center and Multilingual Website Pilot Project to be administered by the Office of Language Access.  Effective July 1, 2013.
  • Governor’s message no. 1304 – Relating to the Office of Language Access ACT 201 (12) Transferring the Office of Language Access along with its functions and duties from the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations to the Department of Health.