Posted on Feb 5, 2019 in Main, News

Public Law 116-5 (Further Additional Continuing Appropriations Act, 2019) signed by President Trump on January 25, 2019, continues appropriations through the earlier of February 15, 2019, or the enactment of the applicable appropriations legislation.

If you are a federal employee and have returned to work, you can stop filing your weekly claim certification. If you have already cashed an unemployment check for the furlough weeks and you will also be getting a paycheck for those weeks from your federal employer, then it is an overpayment and you will be contacted by your local claims office to resolve this overpayment.

If the Federal shutdown resumes after February 15, 2019, and you wish to resume filing, you must reactivate your claim at uiclaims.hawaii.gov during the week that the furlough resumes.  The reactivation is effective from the week in which it is filed, and any weeks filed prior to the reactivation may be denied.

How do I cancel my unemployment claim?

If you were not paid unemployment benefits, you may elect to withdraw your claim by completing form UC-275, “REQUEST FOR WITHDRAWAL OF CLAIM”.   Mail, fax or email the completed form to your local claims office.