Employment &Training Fund (ETF)

About ETF

The ETF Program has been very successful over the years.  From its inception in 1991 ETF has helped employers train over thousands workers to learn invaluable new skills for their jobs.  With these new skills, employees are now able to better perform in their jobs and seek out increased pay or promotions.

Currently, there are two types of ETF funding sources.

ETF Macro

ETF Macro provides grants for industry specific training where there are critical skill shortages in high growth occupational or industry areas. These funds are used as “seed” money to develop “cutting edge” education and training curricula and program design and activities where none exist in the state.

ETF Macro grants are made available on availability of funds.  If you business organization/consortium/employer group is interested in applying for an ETF grant, please contact lance.a.kimura@Hawaii.gov and in the subject heading, include the title, “Request to be added to ETF Macro RFP Notification List.”  In the body of the email, please provide contact information and point of contact.

ETF Micro

The ETF Micro program is most popular among individual businesses that need to upgrade the job skills of their employees. Training courses that are available include, but not limited to: computer, business, management, health, medical training, or soft skills training. Employers are eligible to receive up to 50% (maximum $250 tuition cap) of tuition costs provided by approved vendors.  To learn more about the ETF Micro program, CLICK HERE.

For general inquiries specific to the ETF Macro & Micro program, please contact Lance Kimura at 586-8818 or lance.a.kimura@hawaii.gov.

ETF Resources and Forms