Federal Bonding

As job seekers, everyone has the right to find a meaningful career path.  However, some at-risk job seekers have great difficulty in finding meaningful employment.  To help these job seekers find new careers, the Federal Bonding Program was implemented to provide additional peace of mind for employers when hiring these individuals.

Eligibility/How to Apply

Hawai‘i is currently working with the McLaughlin Company to provide support for the Federal Bonding Program.  Through the program, employers are able to obtain $5,000 bonds with a six-month duration and no deductibles.  Each year, the Federal Government allocates a limited amount of these bonds for Hawai‘i which are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Federal Bonding Program can be made available for the following groups:

  • Ex-offender with a record of arrest, conviction, or imprisonment; anyone that has been on parole, probation, or has any police record
  • Recovering substance abusers; persons rehabilitated through treatment for alcohol or substance abuse
  • Poor credit record or declared bankruptcy
  • Dishonorably discharged from the military
  • Persons lacking a work history who are from families of low income

If you, as the employer are interested in applying for these bonds, please contact your local Workforce Development Division Office  and request a Federal Bonding Program application.  Once your application is successfully submitted, the McLaughlin Company will send the bond directly to your company.