WIA-Dislocated Workers

Dislocated Worker Program helps those who have been recently laid-off from their previous job and provided with a series of intensive career counseling and preparation services to get ready to reenter the job market.  If the job seekers are not able to find employment, they can access other programs that provide on-the-job training as well as upgrading their existing skills.


Job seekers can apply for WIA programs and services as a dislocated worker if they qualify under one of the four following descriptions:

  • Has been terminated or laid off, used all available unemployment insurance benefits and unlikely to return to the same job or industry
  • Laid off or received notification from your employer
  • Formerly self-employed, but now unemployed due to deteriorating economic conditions in your community or due to natural disaster
  • Individualwas a homemaker relying on another family member for income and are now no longer supported by that income and is unemployed or underemployed