SCSEP Benefits & Eligibility

SCSEP Benefits to Older Workers

As an eligible SCSEP participant, you will receive a variety of benefits that will help you transition into your new job. Some of these benefits includes:

  • Acquire new job skills
  • Update your existing job skills
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Learn workplace systems and procedures
  • Improve on your resume
  • Provide community service


Eligible individuals for the SCSEP program must meet the following required minimum requirements.

1)  Age 55 years and older

2)  Low income (Family income does not exceed 125% of Federal Poverty Guidlines)

3)  Unemployed
4)  Resident of Area of Services

Enrollment priorities are given to those eligible individuals that follow these additional guidelines:

1)  Veterans and qualified spouses

2)  65 years or older

3)  Persons that are :

– Disabled

– Limited English proficiency

–  Low literacy

–  Rural residents

–  Low Employment Prospects

-Unable to find employment through WIA

-Homeless or risk of homelessness