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Registered Apprenticeship Overview

Registered Apprenticeships are unique long-term training programs that combines On-the-Job Learning with Related Training Instruction, which allow job seekers to learn specialized skills for various trades and occupations.  In Hawai‘i, there are over 100 registered apprenticeship programs available that represent a wide variety of occupations.  After completing training, an apprentice becomes a journeyworker and can earn a higher salary as well as pursue career goals as a foreman, supervisor, contractor, or even set up their own business.

Employers and Program Sponsors

For contractors and employers, hiring qualified employees from officially approved, registered apprenticeship programs make good business sense.  By hiring apprentices from an officially approved and registered program in the State of Hawai’i, contractors and employers are guaranteed a highly skilled and competent workforce that produces consistent and quality results.

Benefits of Apprenticeships 

  • Learn from highly-trained skilled trades workers
  • Reduce risk of injury while on the job through proper training
  • Receive “Certification of Completion” after satisfactory completion of the program
  • Periodic pay increases
  • Upon completion of apprenticeship program and become a journeyworker, receive substantially higher wages
  • Apprentices/Journeyworkers that join respective unions receive healthcare as well as retirement and other benefits

Establishing a New or Joining an Existing Program

Employers or other entities may be eligible to establish a new Registered Apprenticeship Program or join an existing program.

For more information about establishing a new Registered Apprenticeship Program please send inquires to [email protected].

For more information about joining an existing program please contact the specific program of interest to join directly. The contact information for each existing Registered Apprenticeship Program can be found in the lists of programs using the links below.

List of Hawaii Registered Apprenticeship Programs

*This list does not reflect the latest updates on certain programs

Hawaiʻi Apprenticeship Week

In conjunction with National Apprenticeship Week, Hawaiʻi celebrates Registered Apprenticeship in the state through Hawaiʻi Apprenticeship Week (HAW)

State Apprenticeship Council

The State Apprenticeship Council (SAC) is an advisory body to the Director of the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (DLIR). The SAC reviews and makes recommendations on matters pertaining to Registered Apprenticeship in the State.

SAC meetings to review and discuss matters pertaining to Registered Apprenticeship are open to the public. Information about upcoming scheduled meetings can be found on the State of Hawaii Public Meeting Calendar.

Resources and Other Related Information: 


*For questions and more information about Registered Apprenticeship contact the Workforce Development Division at [email protected] or call (808) 586-8877