COVID-19 Post-Filing Information

Note: UI benefits for self-employed persons, bona fide independent contractors, and others who are disqualified from receiving UI for COVID-19-related reasons may be covered through the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program under the CARES Act.  Please file your claim at this site, more info here and FAQs here

I filed my claim, and did not receive a confirmation number.  Did DLIR receive my claim?
You should have received a confirmation email. Please use it to log into your UI Account and check the status of your claim.
I filed my claim using my old login, did DLIR receive my claim?
You should have received a confirmation email. Please use it to log into your UI Account and check the status of your claim.
I made a mistake in my claim.  How do I fix it?
Please contact your local UI office.  See below for the contact information.
How do I update my contact information?
Please log into your UI Account to update your contact information.
When will I be paid?
Most claims will take between 15 – 21 days before you receive your first payment unless your employer contests the claim.
From what date will I be paid?
Governor David Y. Ige restored benefits during the first, waiting week for all claims beginning 12/27/20, so if you are eligible for benefits you will be paid after the first week you qualify for UI.
How do I request that my claim be backdated?
Contact your local office, contact information is at the bottom of this page.
I received a message that I was disqualified for UI.  What can I do?
If you would like to appeal the disqualification, read the disqualification carefully and follow the instructions for filing an appeal.
Will I automatically receive the additional weeks of unemployment via the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) program?
If you are unemployed for more than 26 weeks, you may be eligible for the additional weeks of benefits which are available through September 4, 2021.  Instructions on how to apply for the additional weeks can be found on your HUIClaims account and here:
Will I automatically receive 13 weeks of Extended Benefits (EB)?
No, you will be notified by mail and then you can apply, see how to here:  
Important note: Hawaii triggered of EB on March 6, 2021, which is the last week of EB benefits available. 
Do I need to file weekly or biweekly certifications to receive my unemployment benefits?
Yes, you have to file your certification informing the DLIR of your employment status.  If you are on a partial claim (meaning you will be returning to your employer), you have 28 days after the Saturday of week you are claiming benefits to file your weekly certification.  If you are on a total claim (meaning you will not be returning to your employer), you have 7 days after the Saturday of the week you are claiming benefits to file your certification.  If you are filing biweekly, you have 7 days from the Saturday ending the two-week period for which you are claiming benefits.
I was partially unemployed but now my employer has laid me off, what do I need to do?
You will need to report the change by logging into the portal, see graphics here:
Are unemployment benefits taxable?
Yes.  You may elect to withhold 10% for federal taxes and 5% for Hawaii state taxes from your  regular UI benefits.  To request withholdings of Federal and/or State taxes, go to:  Login to your online account and under “My Account” click on “Tax Withholdings” and follow the prompts. The Form 1099-G is mailed every January showing the total benefits paid and any federal or state income taxes withheld in the previous calendar year.  Also, as no adjustments are made for repayments of overpaid benefits, you need to keep your receipts of the repayment for your tax returns. Make any address change(s) on your UI online account to receive your Form 1099-G or contact a local claims office.
Am I required to look for a job if I receive UI?
No, the work search requirement has been temporarily waived due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
I called a phone number or emailed an email address that I found on the DLIR website, but haven’t heard back.  When will I receive a response?
If you contacted a phone number or email address that is not listed below, UI did not receive your message.  Please call or email UI at the information below, so that UI receives your message and can respond.  We ask for your patience as we are experiencing an unprecedented number of emails and telephones calls.


Please submit your full name, telephone number (including area code), and the language that you would like to receive interpretation services for.  The interpretation services will be provided free of charge and via telephone. You can also contact your local office using the information below.

Oahu: (808) 586-8970
Hilo: (808) 974-4086
Kona: (808) 322-4822
Maui: (808) 984-8400
Kauai: (808) 274-3043

Oahu: [email protected]v
Hilo: [email protected]
Kona: [email protected]
Maui: [email protected]
Kauai: [email protected]