Hawaii Civil Rights Commission  – Laws Protecting your Rights – 2019, 2 pages

Hawai`i Law Prohibits Discrimination Based On Sexual Orientation and Sex, Including Gender Identity or Expression in Employment, Housing and Public Accommodations, 2 pages

Mediation Program FAQs, 2 pages



Pre-Employment Inquiries (Application Forms and Job Interviews)

Employment Discrimination Prohibited Based on Arrest Court Record 

HCRC_Credit  History  10-5-09 2 pages

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, 2 pages (Effective January 1, 2012, employment discrimination against victims of domestic or sexual violence is prohibited.)

Employment Discrimination Against Victims of Domestic or Sexual Violence, 2 pages

Domestic Violence FAQ, 2 pages

USBC Hawaii – Guide to The Rights of Breastfeeding Employees in Hawaii

Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace, 2 pages

Video:  Pregnancy in the Workplace



Housing Discrimination , 2 pages

Assistance Animals as a Reasonable Accommodation

Assistance Animals In Housing Accommodation (published by Disability and Communication Access Board)

Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications in Housing


Discrimination in Public Accommodations, 2 pages

Guidance for Healthcare Providers in Ensuring Effective Communication, 4 pages

Access to Healthcare: Your Right to a Sign Language Interpreter, 4 pages



SCR 66 REPORT TO 2022 LEGISLATURE – Addressing Racism in Hawai`i: Looking Back, During the Covid-19 Pandemic, and Moving Forward