Hawaiʻi Civil Rights Commission Finds that Employment Posting seeking “UH Students” is Age Discrimination

Posted on Mar 14, 2018 in News

A job applicant looking for work was chilled from applying when she saw a job posting and a Craigslist advertisement seeking “UH students.”  The Hearings Examiner granted the Executive Director’s motion for summary judgment against Morning Hill Foods, doing business as Mana Bu’s, finding that the Craigslist advertisement and the job postings in the window of the business constituted unlawful age discrimination.  In its final decision, the Hawaiʻi Civil Rights Commission ordered Respondent Mana Bu’s to pay the Complainant $1,080 in lost wages, and $2,500 compensatory damages.  The business was sold, but the Commission ordered that if the Respondent reopens another business, it must have a non-discrimination hiring policy regarding age discrimination that is approved by the HCRC Executive Director; the policy must be posted; and all managers and employees must undergo non-discrimination training.