Posted on Feb 5, 2019 in Main, News


The Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Unemployment Insurance Division has launched a “New and Interactive” Employer Web Application.  It’s a one-stop, self-service web application which provides employers with online access to their UI account information such as their tax rates and reporting history.  Employers will be able to report quarterly wage data and make contribution payments, request for direct deposit of refunds, complete online forms, and much more.

HUI Express/QWRS program is being phased out and replaced by the NEW Employer Web Application.

Business owners (corporate officer, partners, members, or sole proprietors) are required to create an online profile on the NEW Employer Web Application. The business owner will have the option to authorize multiple users including Administrative Staff, CPA, or a Service Company to act on their behalf including filing Form UC-B6, “Quarterly Wage, Contribution, and Employment and Training Assessment Report” and many other functions.

To create your online profile or to login at:

To view or download a step-by-step guide at:

 New Features:

  • Apply online for a UI Account Number with upfront verification
  • Create an Online Profile to register for the New Employer Web Application
    • Manage your own online profile information – such as email address and phone number
  • Authorize multiple users including Administrative Staff, CPA, or a Service Company to act on your behalf
    • Manage all user’s access rights
  • File Quarterly Wage and Contribution Reports
  • Pay Contributions through ACH Debit
  • Check your UI tax rate, wage base, tax schedule, and balance due or credit balance
  • Request a Credit Refund by Direct Deposit
  • View Account History – previous reports filed, payments made, tax rate history
  • File forms to manage your account