HONOLULU — The Hawaii Civil Rights Commission (HCRC) issued a final decision and order holding the Research Institute for Hawaii USA (RIH), and its CEO Christopher Damon Haig, liable for religious and sexual harassment and discrimination against their former executive director Kay Lorraine Bate. HCRC Executive Director William Hoshijo and complainant Bate’s legal team applauded ...
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Press Release – May 7, 2014 State Agencies Remind Health Care Providers About Rights and Obligations For Patients who Are Deaf

Press Packet-Health care providers’ obligation to provide sign language interpretation to patients who are deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind to ensure effective communication

Guidance for Healthcare Providers in Ensuring Effective Communication

Access to Healthcare: Your Right to a Sign Language Interpreter

L. 2013, Act. 248 Relating to Labor (domestics)

L. 2013, Act 249 Relating to Breastfeeding in the Workplace

HCRC Response Regarding Marriage Equality, Religious Organizations and Facilities, and Public Accommodiations Law

Chapter 12-46 Subchapters 1 & 20  (Standard Version) Chapter 12-46 Subchapters 1 & 20  (Ramseyer Version)