New Employer Registration

**Effective July 1, 2017, the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Division will no longer issue identification numbers for employers with future liability dates (hire date is in the future).  Apply for a UI number if you have one or more covered employee(s) with a current date or past date of hire. Future hire dates will not be accepted. **

Any individual or organization with one or more workers performing services for their company or organization, must file Form UC-1, Report to Determine Liability under Hawaii Employment Security Law, with the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Unemployment Insurance Division within 20 days after hiring an employee.  If a determination of liability will be made, the subject employer will be assigned an account number and tax forms will be furnished when a current or past liability date is established.

To register online, use Hawaii Business Express to start a business in the state of Hawaii. One simple interface covers all the forms with all state agencies and partners. Register Online at Hawaii Business Express

Note: If you already have a Department of Taxation number and/or Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs registration, and need a UI account number, contact 808-586-9076.

Employer Elections:

Nonprofit Organizations
Nonprofit organizations qualifying for income tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code may apply to self-finance benefits to their employees on a reimbursable basis.  Employers requesting this election must file an application with the UI Division to see if qualifying requirements can be met.

Family-Owned Corporations
A family-owned corporation which has two family members, related by blood or marriage, who, as the only employees each own at least 50% of the shares issued by the corporation, may apply for exclusion from UI coverage.  To elect this exclusion option, Form UC-336 , “Election by Family-Owned Corporation to be Excluded From Coverage Under Section 383-7(20)”

Successor to Business
If an employer is a successor to the business of another employer, they may request acquisition of the experience record of the predecessor in order to obtain a more favorable contribution rate.  Form UC-86, “Waiver of Employer’s Experience Record” must be filed within sixty days after the date of acquisition or by March 1 of the following year, and the predecessor employer must clear all contributions and reports due to the UI Division.

For more information:

Notify the UI Office of any changes to an employer’s address or status of business on Form UC-25, “Notification of Changes”.