Child Labor:

CL-1 Application for Certificate of Employment (for 14 and 15-year-old minors, and minors under 16 in theatrical employment)

eCL-3 Online Application for Certificate of Age (for 16 and 17-year-old workers)
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Hawaii Family Leave:

HFLL-1 Optional form for Certification of a Serious Health Condition by a Health Care Provider


Chapter 104, HRS, Wages and Hours of Employees on Public Works:

Certified Payroll with Reporting of Fringe Benefits

Chapter 104 Notice to Workers, Wage Information Poster



Complaint Forms:

WSD-1.104 Wages and Hours of Employees on Public Works (prevailing wages, overtime on State and county construction projects)

WSD-1.378II Lie Detector Tests

WSD-1.378III Unlawful Suspension, Discharge, or Discrimination (due to work injury or     on-site drug screening).

WSD-1.387-388 Wages and Hours (minimum wage, overtime, unpaid wages)

WSD-1.390 Child Labor

WSD-1.398 Family Leave