TIMELINE – DCD eCMS Modernization Project

The timeline shows what the eCMS Modernization Project has been accomplished, what is currently being worked on now, and future phases to be executed.

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DCD Modernization Timeline Graphic

Create Electronic forms:

DCD is in the process of updating and creating new electronic forms.  The first phase (2019-2020) incorporates fillable PDF forms with QR codes (until the case management system is completely live).  These forms will be scanned in and information extracted into the new Electronic Case Management System (eCMS).   The second phase (2020-2021) will incorporate electronic filing.  Note: A future phase incorporates portal sites for all the external stakeholders to submit electronic forms.

In 2020, the following forms will be converted into a fillable PDF with QR Codes:  WC-1, WC-2, WC-3, WC-3A, WC-5, and WC-5A.

Scan Documents:

DCD will be scanning all paper documents to move towards the State’s directive to go paperless.  Eventually, all documents will be submitted electronically.

Case Management (2020-2022):

DCD is replacing their antiquated case management system with a new cybersecure cloud-based case management system accessible for all stakeholders.

External Stakeholder Web Portal (2022-2023):

External stakeholders to DCD will be able to access, create and manage their own login account on the new eCMS.  In additional, stakeholders will be able to file claims, petition for a hearing, and receive case updates.


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