Accident Facts

Disclaimer: Accident Facts are not a HIOSH standard or regulation and they create no new legal obligations. The recommendations contained herein are advisory in nature and are intended to assist employers in providing safe and healthful workplaces. The §396 Hawaii Revised Statutes (Occupational Safety and Health Act) requires employers to comply with safety and health standards promulgated by OSHA or by an OSHA-approved State Plan. The HIOSH General Duty Clause, §12-60-2(a)(3), HAR and §12-110-2(a)(3), HAR requires employers to generally provide employees with workplaces free from recognized hazards likely to cause death or serious physical harm.

The following list contains links to brief summaries of work related accidents investigated by HIOSH.  They are presented here in an effort to prevent similar recurrences in Hawaii’s workplaces.

Caught In/Between

#4 Caught In/Between Steel Beam and Boom Lift (PDF)

#6 Caught In/Between Rollers (PDF)

#10 Pinned Under Rolloff Tilt Frame (PDF)

Storage (PDF)


#5 Crushed by Front End Loader (PDF)


#1 Electrocution (PDF)


#2 Fall From Roof (PDF)

#8 Fall From Roof (PDF)

#12 Fall From Forklift (PDF)

#13 Injured by Collapsing Balcony (PDF)

#14 Killed by Exploding Oil Tank (PDF)

Ladders (PDF)

Struck By

#3 Struck by Backhoe (PDF)

#9 Pinned Under Metal Concrete Form (PDF)

#11 Struck by Wood Beam (PDF)


#7 Precast Wall Piece Dropped from Crane (PDF)

You have a Voice in the Workplace
How Can HIOSH Help?

The Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health Law §396 affords workers the right to a safe workplace (view HIOSH’s For Workers).

Workers also have the right to file complaint with HIOSH if they believe that there are either violations of HIOSH standards or serious workplace hazards.

Workers have a right to a safe workplace. If you think your job is unsafe or have questions, contact HIOSH at (808) 586-9092.

HIOSH also provides help to employers. HIOSH’s Consultation and Training Branch offers free and confidential advice with priority given to high-hazard worksites. For more information or for additional compliance assistance, contact (808) 586-9100 .