HIOSH Advisory Committee

  • Application Form (PDF)

Boilers & Pressure Vessels

  • Application for Authorization for Repair and Alteration (PDF)
  • Certificate of Competency Application (PDF
  • Application for Installation Permit (PDF)
  • Review of ASME-NB Certificate of Authorization Application (PDF)
  • Notification of Sale Form (Boiler & Pressure Vessels) (PDF)
  • Non-Boiler External Piping (NBEP):
    • NBEP Certificate of Authorization Application (PDF)
    • NBEP Design-Repair-Alteration Application (PDF)


  • Request for Elevator Permit Renewal Inspection (CFM)
  • Elevator Out of Service Certification (PDF)
  • Elevator Installation – Online application to install a NEW elevator, escalator or moving walk, dumbwaiter, disability lift, material lift and/or personnel hoist, effective August 6, 2013. Note: Applications by mail or in person are no longer accepted.
  • Elevator Alteration (PDF) – Note: As of August 6, 2013, this form should be used ONLY for alterations of elevators and kindred equipment. For installation of new equipment, use the online form linked above.
  • Application for Installation/Alteration Permit Form (DOC) and Instructions (PDF)
  • Elevator Notice of Sale Form (Rev. 9-23-14) (PDF)

Certificate of Fitness for Explosives

  • New and Renewal Application (PDF)

Consultation and Training Branch

  • Request Form-20 (PDF)

Certified Safety and Health Professional

  • Application (PDF)
  • Renewal (PDF)
  • Experience (PDF)
  • Reference Questionnaire Form (PDF)

Hoisting Machine Operators Advisory Board


  • Form 300 – Log of Work-Related Injuries & Illnesses (PDF)
  • Form 300A – Summary of Work-Related Injuries & Illnesses (PDF)

Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)

  • Application Form (PDF)