HIOSH Online Payment Platform Launches December 1, 2022

Posted on Dec 13, 2022 in HIOSH News and Events, Main


Online Payment Options for HIOSH Inspections, COF and CSHP Certifications – Starting December 1, 2022, HIOSH penalties can be paid with credit card or personal bank account through an online portal. Simply visit hioshpayments.ehawaii.gov or scan the QR code below to be taken to the site. Search by your unique inspection number to bring up your invoice. If you were offered an Early Informal Settlement Agreement (EISA), included if applicable, you can choose to pay the EISA offered amount, which will be reflected once we receive your signed EISA and Abatement Certification (page 4). In you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or call (808) 586-9116.

Instructions for HIOSH Penalty and Certification Payments:

To get started, open the website or scan the QR code below. Search for an invoice by entering your Inspection or Certification number. You can find this on your Citation and Notification of Penalty packet for HIOSH citations. For certifications, your number can be found on the certification letter you received or by looking at your current certification card.

After finding your invoice, enter your payment amount and Add to Cart to continue.

You may pay with credit card or personal bank account.

A service fee of 5% (with a maximum fee of $150) plus a payment processing fee will be added to each payment. The total fee amount will be disclosed to you after you select a payment method. You will have an opportunity to review the total fee amount before you pay.

Returned eChecks will be subject to a return fee not to exceed $25.

For HIOSH Support: please email [email protected] or contact by phone at (808) 586-9116

If you are currently on a payment plan for an open inspection, you can pay your payment plan amount using the portal.

After finding your invoice, enter your monthly payment plan amount and Add to Cart to continue. Your monthly payment amount and due date can be found on your Payment Plan Agreement.

Certificate of Fitness or Certified Safety and Health Professional New Applicants:

Please contact HIOSH at (808) 586-9116 to set up an online payment for new applicant fees and exam fees if you wish to pay online.









Visit the online elevator permitting system portal: hiosh.ehawaii.gov 

What can you do on our system?

  • Request new installations and manage them online.
  • Request new alterations and manage them online.
  • Request new temporary construction and manage them online.
  • View elevator equipment status.
  • Share the info with contractors and employees.
  • Pay your invoices.