Direct Deposit of Unemployment Insurance Payments

The Hawaii Unemployment Insurance (UI) Division offers unemployed workers the choice to have UI benefits direct deposited into their checking or savings accounts. You can have your UI benefits electronically deposited into your account as long as your financial institution participates in the direct deposit program.

What is Direct Deposit?
Direct Deposit is the electronic transfer of your Unemployment Insurance (UI) payment into your checking or savings account at your bank, credit union or savings and loan through a system called the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. Your financial institution must be a member of the ACH network in order for you to receive UI payments by Direct Deposit.

What are the advantages of Direct Deposit?
Faster. It eliminates delays by the postal service associated with mailing of a paper UI check.
Safer. It eliminates the risk of paper checks being lost in the mail, sent to the wrong address or stolen.
Convenient. It eliminates the need to make a trip to your financial institution and wait in line to cash or deposit your UI check.
Free. There is no fee for using the electronic transfer system.

How do I enroll?

You must have an online UI account in order to enroll in direct deposit. Create a new account or access your existing account by going to and complete the online application. To ensure the account number and financial institution’s routing number are correct, it is recommended you utilize the bank routing number and account information on your personal check. If you wish to have benefits deposited to a savings account, contact your financial institution to obtain the correct routing and account information.  Your Direct Deposit Information only needs to be submitted once per claim, unless your bank information changes.

How long does it take after I enroll?
Once entered into the system, direct deposit should begin the next time you claim benefits.

When can I expect my payment to be deposited into my account?
After filing your weekly claim(s) for benefits and having met all the eligibility requirements, payments will generally be available three business days after payment has been posted to your account.  Payments are not transmitted on state, federal, banking holidays or weekends.

If there is a problem with your direct deposit account and benefits are returned because they cannot be deposited, we will temporarily stop direct deposit and will contact you. 

How will I know the UI Payment amounts deposited to my account?
You can find out the deposit date and amount from your financial institution or by logging onto your online UI account at

Who do I contact if my payment is not deposited?
First, verify through your online UI account that your payment was processed.  If it was processed but still did not show up in your bank account, contact your financial institution. Ask if they received your deposit and when they expect to post it to your account. Call one of the UI Offices immediately if your bank has no record that they received your deposit.

Will I get a receipt and filing schedule in the mail?
No. You must log onto your web account in order to view your payment information and filing schedule.

Can I participate in Direct Deposit if I have a joint checking account?
Yes. However, although your UI payment is deposited to a joint account, the UI Division will not release information about payment of benefits to the other party on the joint account. You must call one of the UI Offices yourself to obtain that information. In addition, the UI Division will not involve itself in domestic disputes such as the other party’s use of the UI monies deposited in the joint account.

Must my financial institution be located in Hawaii?
No. As long as your financial institution is a member of the ACH network you may participate in Direct Deposit.

Can part of my weekly UI payment be deposited in one account and the remainder deposited into another account?
No. Our system can only deposit payments to a single account.

What if I change my bank account or change financial institutions while on Direct Deposit?
If you need to change your direct deposit information, go to your local UI Office and submit the following:

  • Government issued ID – Driver License, State ID, Passport, or other government-issued documentation that includes an official photograph of you.
  • Voided check or Bank Statement or Bank Authorization form that includes routing number, checking or savings account number and bank name.

If you are out of state, please call (833) 901-2272 or (808) 762-5751. Please be prepared to submit documents to verify your identity and banking information.

How long does Direct Deposit remain in effect?
Direct deposit remains in effect on your unemployment insurance claim for the duration of the claim. This means that even if you return to work for a period of time, become unemployed again and re-activate the same UI claim, the direct deposit remains active on your claim. Benefits paid on a re-activated claim continue to be deposited to the account on record unless you change the account information. Whenever you file a new UI claim, you will be required to enroll in Direct Deposit again.

Who should I call if I have further questions about Direct Deposit?
If you have any other questions about Direct Deposit, call one of the UI Offices.

It is your responsibility to verify receipt of unemployment benefits with your financial institution before writing checks against that account.  Your bank statements will reflect these deposits to your account.  If direct deposit does not begin within three weeks from when you enrolled or if you need to immediately change your direct deposit arrangement, contact our UI Offices.