Instructions for Submitting Form UC-348

Log in to the Employer account at

Select “Forms” from the Employer Dashboard.

(Click on Image to Enlarge)











Click on “UC-348 – Verification of Partial Unemployment Status”.








Read the Instructions for completing the UC-348 form.






Complete the Claimant Information (First Name, Last Name and full SSN) then answer the questions below.  If you answer that the claimant is not longer employed, there will be no additional questions.  If the claimant is still employed, additional questions will be presented to determine whether the claim status should be “Partial”.   Provide the additional required contact information, then select “Save and Continue”.








Review the answers for accuracy.  Select Certify and Submit UC-348 if your answers are correct.











You will receive a confirmation page and a confirmation email once the form is submitted.  You cannot submit an amended form.  If you need to correct information on the form, please contact the local office.