Partial Unemployment Benefits

If you are still attached to your regular employer, worked less than your full-time hours, and earned less than your weekly benefit amount during a week, you may be eligible for partial unemployment benefits.

After filing your application, Form UC-348, “Verification of Partial Unemployment Status,” will be mailed to your employer.  The employer must verify that you have a definite return to work date, is maintaining your medical insurance plan or sick leave/vacation credits or you will be scheduled to work reduced hours each week due to lack of full time work to qualify for partial unemployment status.  If your employer does not respond within 5 working days or does not confirm your partial unemployment status, you will be required to change your status, register for work and begin making work search contacts.

You must accept all work offered by the employer and file your weekly claim certifications online, for periods of no work or less than full-time work, within 7 days from the week ending date.  In addition to filing weekly claim certifications, your employer must report your hours and earnings, employment status, and availability for work offered by going online to