Benefits and Eligibility Requirements for SCSEP

Value of SCSEP Participants in the Workplace


Government and Non Profits 501(c)3

SCSEP participants that train under a government or non-profit organization will have their wages subsidized by the program.  After the training period has been completed, the participant is then required to seek other employment.  The government or non-profit organization may also have the option of hiring the participant (wages will be un-subsidized by the program).


For-Profit Businesses

For-profit businesses that hire SCSEP participants enjoy the benefit of hiring tried and tested individuals that will rise up to any of the challenges that may arise.

Employers also receive the added benefit of continued monitoring of new hires by SCSEP service providers.



Eligible individuals for the SCSEP program must meet the following required minimum requirements.

1)  Age 55 years and older
2)  Low income (Family income does not exceed 125% of Federal Poverty Guidlines)
3)  Unemployed
4)  Resident of Area of Services

Enrollment priorities are given to those eligible individuals that follow these additional guidelines:

1)  Veterans and qualified spouses

2)  65 years or older

3)  Persons that are :

              – Disabled

              – Limited English proficiency

              –  Low literacy

              –  Rural residents

              –  Low Employment Prospects

              -Unable to find employment through WIA

              -Homeless or risk of homelessness