To register your business online, use Hawaii Business Express to start a business in the state of Hawaii. One simple interface covers all the forms with all state agencies and partners.

Any individual or organization planning to have one or more workers performing services for their company or organization, must file a Form BB-1, “Basic Business Application” within 20 days after hiring an employee.  A determination of liability will be made, the subject employer will be assigned an account number and tax forms will be furnished when a current or past liability date is established.

Register New Business Online

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Employers will be able to submit “Weekly Report of Low Earnings” online.  Register to create your online business account.  You will also be able to file amended weekly reports; receive notifications of missing weekly reports and confirmation of filed reports.

File Weekly Report of Low Earning

More information on filing “Weekly Report of Low Earnings”

FILE QUARTERLY REPORTS and Pay online – HUI Express

Employers must complete Form UC-B6, “Employer’s Quarterly Wage, Contribution and Employment and Training Assessment Report” and pay all contributions and assessments by end of the month after the end of the calendar quarter.

Use Hawaii Unemployment Insurance (HUI) Express to file quarterly UC-B6 reports and pay contributions.  Register to use HUI Express and then download the free QWRS program to create electronic files to send online.  QWRS calculates the total and taxable wages and contributions due.

File UC-B6 or Make Payment Online

More information on filing quarterly reports and paying online


The State Information Data Exchange System is an electronic tool to help employers respond to state unemployment insurance (UI) requests Form UC-BP-35, Request for Separation Information.  Register with SIDES E-Response and receive an email notification the day after an employee files for unemployment benefits. Log-on to the web based application to provide job separation information.  This process replaces the current paper-based method.

Register for SIDES E-Response

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