QUEST Internship Program

The Quality Jobs, Equity Strategy, and Training (QUEST) Disaster Recovery Dislocated Worker Grant (DWG) seeks to help dislocated workers and other eligible participants, including underserved and historically marginalized individuals, develop economic resilience to future economic shocks through employment, training, and entry into high-quality jobs, especially in growing and critical industries.

To qualify for the QUEST Internship Program, participants must fall into one of the following categories.

QUEST Eligibility Criteria:

  • Fired or quit a job to take care of family member or because of unsafe working conditions due to COVID pandemic and still unemployed
  • Worked fewer than 30 hours/week for last 4 weeks
  • Had no paid work in your area of training, education, or certification for last 26 weeks
  • Retired or separated from military service within last 36 months
  • Formerly incarcerated
  • Laid off due to lack of work or company closure
  • Self-employed and income was reduced 25% over last six months