Apprenticeship Programs

Apprenticeships are unique long-term training programs that allow job seekers to learn specialized skills for various trades.  In Hawai‘i, there are 67 apprenticeship programs available that represent a wide variety of occupations.  After completing training, an apprentice becomes a journeyworker.  Journeyworkers can earn a substantially higher salary as well as pursue career goals of becoming an apprentice supervisor, contractor, or even set up your own business.

Benefits of Apprenticeships 

  • Learn from highly-trained skilled trades workers
  • Reduce risk of injury while on the job through proper training
  • Receive “Certification of Completion” after satisfactory completion of the program
  • Periodic pay increases
  • Upon completion of apprenticeship program and become a journeyworker, receive substantially higher wages
  • Apprentices/Journeyworkers that join respective unions receive healthcare as well as retirement and other benefits

List of Construction Trades in Registered Apprenticeship Programs*

*This list does not reflect the latest updates on certain programs

List of Non-Construction Trades in Registered Apprenticeship Programs

National Apprenticeship Website

Current List of Persons Authorized to Sign re Act17 (Revised 6.24.22)

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Current Apprentice to Journeyworker Ratio (Revised 6.13.22)

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