Chapter 104 – Prevailing Wages on State and county Public Works Construction Projects
Act 10 – Relating to Public Works (info on fringe benefit reporting)
Commonly Asked Questions About Chapter 104 (eH104-2)
Requirements of Chapter 104, HRS (eH104-3)

Chapter 104 – Memorandums to All State and County Governmental Contracting Agencies
WSD-1A December 29, 2006 (Revised January 10, 2007) Survey Work on Public Works Projects – Clarification to Memorandum No. WSD-1 (April 26, 2005)

WSD-2 April 5, 2006 Flaggers and Traffic Directors Employed on Public Works Projects

WSD-3 September 4, 2009 Submission of Certified Affidavit of Fringe Benefits

Notice Re: WSD-2013-1 August 8, 2018 Reinstatement of Memorandum No. WSD-2013-1 re: Applicability of Chapter 104, HRS, to Truck Drivers on Asphalt Paving Public Construction Projects When the Spreader Box or Paving Machine Method in Construction is Used

Memorandum April 30, 2014 re: Memorandum No. ED-1, Listing of Owners/Partners on Certified Payrolls Under Chapter 104, HRS

WSD 2014-01a November 20, 2014 Amending WSD 2014-01 re: Sewer Line Pipe Cleaning and Inspection on Public Works Construction Projects

WSD 2014-01 January 31, 2014 Sewer Line Pipe Cleaning and Inspection on Public Works Construction Projects (Amended on 11/20/2014.  See WSD 2014-01a)

WSD 2014-02 November 20, 2014 Notice of clarification of WSD 2014-02 (5/16/14) re: Floor Laying on a Public Works Construction Project

WSD 2014-02 May 16, 2014 Floor Layers on Public Works Construction Projects (Replaced on 11/20/2014)

WSD 2017-01 July 10, 2017 Certified Payroll Requirements

WSD 2019-01 September 17, 2019 Clarification of the Light/Final Clean-Up (Janitorial) Laborer classification in the Wage Rate Schedule

Child Labor Law
eHCLL-1 Procedures For Obtaining a Child Labor Certificate
eHCLL-3 Theatrical Employment Under the Hawaii Child Labor Law

Hawaii Family Leave Law
Employers with DLIR “Notice to Employees” Labor Poster posted are already in compliance with Act 48
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Hawaii Family Leave Law

Wage Laws
Direct Deposit, Payroll Debit Card, Electronic Pay Statement
Minimum Wage Notice
Notice to Hawaii Barber Shops and Beauty Shops Regarding the Use of Unpaid Apprentices
Overtime (Federal/State Overtime Coverage by Occupation or Category of Workers)
Overtime (“White Collar” Exemptions – Hawaii Law and the New Federal Regulations Regarding Overtime)
Pay Statement & Recordkeeping requirements – Act 70, effective January 1, 2014
Tip Credit under Hawaii Wage and Hour Law

WSD Administrative Hearings
Guide to WSD Administrative Hearings

Filing a complaint with Wage Standards Division