Contractors Suspended Under Chapter 104, Hawaii Revised Statutes

As of November 22, 2023

In accordance with Section 104-25, Hawaii Revised Statutes, the following persons or firms have been suspended by the Director of Labor and Industrial Relations from doing any work on any State or county public work construction project:

Name of Person or Firm


A & J Painting, LLC falsified records 04/12/2012 See Remarks 2
American Industrial Insulation, LLC falsified records 09/19/2011 See Remarks 2
Constante Medina
dba Voltage Electric
delayed investigation 11/15/2012 See Remarks 2
CTS Earthmoving, Inc. failed to pay back wages and penalties 03/28/2013 See Remarks 2
Diamond Welding, Inc. failed to pay back wages and penalties 05/26/2017 See Remarks 2
Island Grout Pumpers, Inc. failed to pay penalties 02/06/2017 See Remarks 2
Malafu Contractors, LLC delayed investigation 01/19/2012 See Remarks 2
Maui Mayco Pump Service, Inc. failed to pay back wages and penalties 03/01/2016 See Remarks 2
Network Power Solutions, Inc. failed to pay back wages and penalties, falsified records 01/13/2020 See Remarks 2
Niua Pacific, LLC interfered and delayed investigation, falsified records, failed to pay back wages and penalties 01/19/2017 See Remarks 2
Pacific C R I, LLC delayed investigation, failed to pay penalties 05/14/2019 See Remarks 2
Reginald S. Leite dba RSL Drywall interfered and delayed investigation, falsified records 02/28/2023 02/27/2026
Sunshine Fencing, LLC failed to pay back wages and penalties 03/09/2015 See Remarks 2

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1. Suspended from all new work for 3 years.
2. Suspended from all work until all back wages and penalties are paid in full.

“New work” means bidding on new projects and any current projects that the contractor has not started working on.  See Section 104-24(c)(2), HRS.

“Public work”, “construction” and “construction of public work” are defined in Section 104-1, Hawaii Revised Statutes, and Section 12-22-1, Hawaii Administrative Rules.

Pursuant to Section 104-25(c), Hawaii Revised Statutes; no contract shall be awarded to a person or firm suspended or to any firm, corporation, partnership, or association in which the person or firm has an interest, direct or indirect, until the expiration date has elapsed. Any contract awarded in violation of this section shall be void.