Grants-in-Aid (GIAs)

Last Updated: 06/06/17

The Hawaii State Legislature has the ability to award grants funded by State funds under Hawaii Revised Statutes, Chapter 42F. The Chapter 42F Grants (frequently known as “Grants-in-Aid” or GIAs) are awarded for two types of requests:

  • Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs) to construct and/or repair buildings and other facilities.
  • Operating funds to support programs.

In the appropriation legislation, the Legislature designates which executive department agency will administer and oversee each of the appropriations.  For the complete list of GIAs funded by the 2017 Legislature  are here:

Appropriations with the OCS program code of LBR903 have been assigned to the Office of Community Services (OCS) for administering and overseeing.  OCS follows State laws, rules, policies, and other requirements to manage GIAs.  For a listing of GIAs funded by the 2017 Legislature administered by OCS, click here.

For Grantees who have been awarded a GIA, click here for more information.

To find out more information about previous years’ GIAs, click on the respective link below:

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