Grants-in-Aid (GIAs)

Last Updated: April 2022

The following  information applies only to grants-in-aid (GIAs) which have been assigned to the Office of Community Services (OCS)  Program ID: LBR 903. If your grant was not assigned to OCS, please contact your assigned expending agency for more information.  A list of expending agencies with program ID number, may be found here.

The Legislature makes appropriations for GIAs in accordance with Chapter 42F of the Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS). There are two types of grants: Operating and Capital Improvement Project (CIP) grants. Generally, Operating grants are for an organization’s program expenses and CIP grants are for construction projects.

The Legislature decides who is awarded a grant, the type of grant, the award amount, what the funds can be used for, and which state department will administer said award. OCS does not participate in the application process and is unable to assist with any applications. All questions regarding the application process should be directed to the House Finance Committee and the Senate Ways and means Committee. You may find more information on the Legislature’s website, Once awarded, appropriations marked with the Office of Community Services (OCS) program code of LBR903 are assigned to OCS for administration.

For Grantees who have been awarded a GIA and are assigned to OCS:

OCS has developed GIA guidelines for both Operating GIAs and Capital Improvement Project (CIP) GIAs. The guidelines provide information about the OCS processes utilized to administer the GIAs with our Grantees. The goal is to provide an overview of the entire GIA process and clarify expectations to ensure that we can work together to fulfill the Legislative intent for the GIAs.  OCS reserves the right to change any of the guidelines, forms, or procedures at any time without notice.

Guidelines and Procedures


Additional Information

    • Hawaii Revised Statutes, Chapter 42F – Grants and Subsidies



Q: Where can I get a GIA application and when is it due?

Typically, applications are made available to the public in late December/early January and are posted on the Legislature’s website, Applications are usually due in mid-January. Please contact the Legislature for more information. Do not contact OCS, as OCS is not involved with the application process and unable to assist with any applications.

The Public Access Room, who assists the public as they engage in the State legislative process, often notifies the public when applications are available, via their newsletter. Learn more about the Public Access Room here.

Q: I have questions regarding the application, who do I contact?

A: You should contact the Hawaii State Legislature’s House Finance Committee and the Senate Ways and Means Committee with any questions regarding the application process. OCS is unable assist with any applications.

Q: My organization was awarded a GIA. How do we access the funds?

A: In order for a grantee to receive funds they must have a contract with the State.  Prior to entering into a contract with the State, there are various steps that must be completed to determine eligibility and for the Governor to release the funds. Please refer to the guidelines on this website for more information on the overall GIA process or contact your assigned program specialist at OCS.

Q: When can my organization start spending money?

A: Once you have a contract with the State. All contracts are on a reimbursement basis only. Any expenses incurred outside of the period of performance are ineligible for reimbursement.

Q: My grant wasn’t assigned to OCS, who do I contact?

A: The expending agency assigned to your grant is listed in the bill that authorized the award. A list of expending agencies with program ID number, may be found here. OCS is unable to assist with grants assigned to another agency.


Disclaimer: Material on this website is for informational purposes only, accurate at the time of publication, only applies to grants administered by OCS, and may change without notice.