Grants-in-Aid (GIAs)

Last Updated: 05/24/2021

Until the 2020 session, the Hawaii State Legislature has awarded grants funded by the State under Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 42F. Chapter 42F Grants (frequently known as “Grants-in-Aid” or GIAs) are awarded for two types of requests:

  1. Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs) to construct and/or repair buildings and other facilities, and
  2. Operating funds to support programs.

The Legislature designates which executive department agency will administer and oversee the expenditures for your grant. Appropriations marked with the Office of Community Services (OCS) program code of LBR903 are assigned to the OCS for administering and overseeing. Click below for a complete list of grants funded by the 2019 Legislature:

Because of the novel COVID virus and its devastating effect on State finances, the Legislature did not make any Chapter 42F grants during the 2020 Session. However, OCS continues to administer GIA grants awarded during prior years.

If your grant was assigned to a different expending agency, please contact them for more information. A list of expending agencies is located here. For Grantees who have been awarded a GIA and are assigned to OCS:

The Office of Community Services (OCS) has developed GIA guidelines for both Operating GIAs and Capital Improvement Project (CIP) GIAs. The guidelines provide information about the OCS processes utilized to administer the GIAs with our Grantees. The goal is to clarify expectations and to ensure that we can work together to fulfill the Legislative intent for the GIAs.


Q: How do I apply for a GIA?

A: The Hawaii State Legislature, specifically the House Finance and Senate Ways and Means Committees, handle all GIA applications. Applications are typically made available in late December and are posted on the Legislature’s website: Additionally, the Public Access Room notifies the public when applications are available, via their newsletter. Learn more about the Public Access Room here. The Office of Community Services does not handle the applications for new GIAs.

Q: My organization was awarded a GIA. How do we access the funds?

A: All grants are contracted on a cost-reimbursement basis only. There are four major steps to accessing GIA funds:

  • Eligibility Verification. Your Expending Agency works with the Attorney General to verify that your organization meets the legal standards for being awarded a GIA. Grantees must submit documentation to prove that they meet the “Standards for the Award of Grants” in accordance with HRS Chapter 42F.
  • Release of Funds. Your Expending Agency works with the Department of Budget & Finance to complete due diligence to request release of funds. Please work with your Expending Agency to compile the information needed.
  • Contract Execution. Once your Expending Agency is authorized to access the GIA funds (i.e., the release is approved), a contract may be executed. The contract will include standard terms & conditions for State contracts. All GIA contracts allow for a 12-month period of performance from the execution date.
  • Contract Administration. Once the contract is executed, your organization can expend funds and request reimbursement under the contract. Grantees must submit your program reports and reimbursement requests per the schedule defined in their contract. It takes approximately 4 weeks for a check to be issued.

Q: When can my organization start spending money?

A: The State will reimburse your organization for expenses incurred for the project during the period of performance of the contract. Expenses incurred outside of the contract performance period are not reimbursable. Advances of State funds are not permitted.