Grant-In-Aids Grantee Information

Updated 06/26/18

The Office of Community Services (OCS) has developed GIA guidelines for both Operating GIAs and Capital Improvement Project (CIP) GIAs.  The guidelines provide information about the OCS processes utilized to administer the GIAs with our Grantees.  The goal is to clarify expectations and to ensure that we can work together to fulfill the Legislative intent for the GIAs.  In addition, OCS has provided links to GIA forms to facilitate the process.  Click on the respective link below to download your guideline and/or forms.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: My organization was awarded a GIA. How do we access the funds? 

A: There are three major steps to accessing GIA funds:

  • Release of Funds. Your Expending Agency needs to (1) work with the Attorney General to verify that your organization meets the legal standards for being awarded a GIA and (2) work with the Department of Budget & Finance to complete due diligence by processing a “Form F” to request release of funds. Please work with your Expending Agency to compile the information needed.
  • Contracting. Once your Expending Agency is authorized to access the GIA funds (i.e., the release is approved), a contract can be executed. The contract will include standard terms & conditions for State contracts. All GIA contracts allow for a 12 month period of performance from the execution date.
  • Contract Execution. Once the contract is executed, your organization can expend funds and request reimbursement under the contract. Please submit your program reports and reimbursement requests in a timely manner. It takes 2 – 4 weeks for a check to be issued.

Q: When can my organization start spending money?

A: The State will reimburse your organization for expenses incurred for the project during the period of performance of the contract. Advances of State funds are not permitted.