The following samples and forms contain suggested language that may be used as a guide and may be modified to suit individual needs.  They are for the convenience of parties, but are not intended as a substitute for legal advice or independent research or analysis of the law, and should not be used for improper purposes, including but not limited to, abuse of process.  The samples and forms do not supersede or supplement state law, administrative rule or regulation, or decisions and orders of LIRAB.

AB 1 – Request for Approval of Attorney’s Fee (rev. Jun 2020)

Certificate of Service

Designation of Representative

Initial Conference Statement

Live Witness Identification

Motion for Leave to Proceed on Appeal in Forma Pauperis, Declaration in Support and Certificate of Service

Notice of Appeal to the Intermediate Court of Appeals

Notice of Appeal to the Labor and Industrial Relations Appeals Board 

Notice of Hearing on Motion – effective Oct.1.2021

Notice of Non-Hearing Motion (14 days)

Notice of Termination of Counsel

Notice of Withdrawal of Counsel

Notice of Withdrawal and Substitution of Counsel

Request for Settlement Conference

Stipulation to Dismiss a Party

Stipulation to Waive Discovery and Trial

Unnamed Witness Identification

Withdrawal of Appeal