Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS)  Section 91-9 provides that in any contested case before an agency, all parties shall be afforded an opportunity for hearing after reasonable notice.

HRS Section 91-1 defines an “Agency hearing” as a hearing held by an agency immediately prior to a judicial review of a contested case as provided in HRS Section 91-14.

Pursuant to HRS Section 371-4, a notice of agency hearing can be made by service by first class mail; however, if such notice cannot be made because the board or its agents have been unable to ascertain the address of the party after reasonable and diligent inquiry, the notice of hearing may be given to the party by online posting on the board’s webpage.  The online posting shall appear at least fifteen days prior to the date of the hearing.  The online posting shall be removed from the webpage no less than five business days after the date of the hearing.

The following are online postings of Notices of Hearing in compliance with HRS Section 371-4 and Section 91-9:

Agency Hearing Notices    Click Here




Memo #2   3-18-2020

Memo #3   3-19-2020

Office Closure 3-24-2020

Memo #8  1-20-2021 SSA Memo

Administrative Order 2021-01, filed 06/29/2021

Memo Dated Jul 30 2021 – Name Change for Director DLIR

Administrative Order 2021-02 filed on Sept 29 2021