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Vision: Hawaii, the Aloha State, is a special place where work environments are beneficial to the well being of individuals and where everyone respects each other’s rights and benefits.

Mission: The Wage Standards Division, as an active community participant, assures a lawful working environment by:

  • Equitably administering and enforcing labor laws for which the division is responsible;
  • Being responsible to our customers; and
  • Being a valued and respected resource of the labor laws for which the division is responsible.

Unpaid Wages

Employers are required to pay the earned wages of all employees at least twice a month and within seven days after the end of each pay period.

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Family Leave

Employers with 100 or more employees within the State of Hawaii are required to provide eligible employees with up to 4 weeks of family leave.

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Unlawful Termination

An employer may not suspend, discharge, or discriminate against an employee solely because the employee suffered a work related injury, tested positive on an on-site substance abuse screening test, or used sick leave for employers employing 100 or more employees under a collective bargaining agreement.

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