Prevailing Wages on Public Works

Hawaii law requires all State and county construction projects greater that $2,000, to pay prevailing wages to laborers and mechanics and file certified payrolls with the contracting agencies.

  • For a summary of the law, see eH104-3
  • To view a list of suspended contractors, see Chapter 104 Suspension List
  • For the most current prevailing wages, go to Wage Rate Schedule
  • To download a copy of the Chapter 104 poster, see Chapter 104 Poster
  • To view an online presentation about the law, see Chapter 104 Powerpoint
  • To review Frequently Asked Questions about Chapter 104, go to FAQ
  • To view Situational Questions & Answers Relating to Chapter 104, go to 104 Q&A
  • Click on the appropriate links to find guidelines about:  surveyors, signal men, fringe benefit reporting, ARRA, ungulate fence workers
  • Notice Re: WSD-2013-1 August 8, 2018 Reinstatement of Memorandum No. WSD-2013-1 re: Applicability of Chapter 104, HRS, to Truck Drivers on Asphalt Paving Public Construction Projects When the Spreader Box or Paving Machine Method in Construction is Used
  • Memorandum April 30, 2014 re: Memorandum No. ED-1, Listing of Owners/Partners on Certified Payrolls Under Chapter 104, HRS
  • WSD 2014-01a November 20, 2014 Amending WSD 2014-01 re: Sewer Line Pipe Cleaning and Inspection on Public Works Construction Projects
  • WSD 2014-01 January 31, 2014 Sewer Line Pipe Cleaning and Inspection on Public Works Construction Projects (Amended on 11/20/2014.  See WSD 2014-01a)
  • WSD 2014-02 November 20, 2014 Notice of clarification of WSD 2014-02 (5/16/14) re: Floor Laying on Public Works Construction Projects
  • WSD 2014-02 May 16, 2014 Floor Layers on Public Works Construction Projects (Replaced on 11/20/2014)
  • WSD 2017-01 July 10, 2017 Certified Payroll Requirements
  • To obtain the Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS), Public Works Division, optional “Statement of Compliance & DAGS-ECP for Payroll Affidavits” certified payroll form, click here
  • WSD 2019-01  September 17, 2019 Clarification of the Light/Final Clean-Up (Janitorial) Laborer classification in the Wage Rate Schedule